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New Compact 4981x ThermalTrak Amplifier Board Available!!!

Super Performance!!!

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Performance of a finished LME49811 with output triple-EF

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THD vs output power (8 W, 1 kHz tone)

THD vs frequency



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New Initial 498xx Driver Board

Universal Power Board is available for Initial Series

Reservoir Two - Power Supply Board available

New Compact 4981x ThermalTrak PCB available

Compact 49810 ThermalTrak full kits available now.

Video clips are presented in YouTube.                                

Discussion forum is open!    

Introduction of Compact Series Amplifiers

New power board for Initial Series available.       

                                    Now offering assembled boards.

Power boards for four-pair output devices are being designed.

                                                 The new lab is fully functional.

                                   Power board schematic and BOM list updated

                                                App Note 101 updated

                                             Driver board updated

                                                 App Note 101

Driver board and power board schematics are available

Measuring self-inductance of protection fuses

LME49810 prototype page updated (THD vs NFB sample points) 

PCBs are available for purchase

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